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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions about the Vadmark network. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then feel free to contact us. The best way to learn more about our services is to sign up for a FREE account (it takes only a few minutes) and take a look around.

What is Vadmark?
The term Vadmark is a shortened form of 'Virtual Advertising Market.' Vadmark is an online service that enables members to buy and sell Internet advertising from one another. Members who wish to sell advertising can list link campaigns for sale on the Vadmark network. Members who wish to buy advertising can browse or search through the campaigns for sale and purchase them using Paypal, credit card, or their Vadmark funds balance.

What is the advantage of using Vadmark over dealing directly with other webmasters?
Using Vadmark to buy and sell advertising provides numerous advantages for both the buyer (advertiser) and the seller (publisher):

Some advantages for advertisers are:

  • You can browse through a wide collection of publisher advertising packages from one location.
  • All campaign prices are publicly available, so you don't have to make numerous pricing enquiries to publishers. This also enables you to easily compare what's available.
  • Vadmark offers more security in that you can receive refunds if a publisher breaks one of our Terms and Conditions
  • You can purchase links from different web sites using one account.
  • You can manage your entire advertising portfolio from one location, and easily keep track of expiry dates and pending payments due.
  • Vadmark provides link tracking services that include IP tracking for fraud protection.

Some advantages for publishers are:

  • You can list your link campaigns for sale here and let advertisers come to you.
  • Because we support both text and image advertising, you can list your entire advertising inventory in one location.
  • Vadmark provides unprecedented flexibility on link types, quantity measures, and renewal procedures, which gives you full control of your link campaign structures.
  • Vadmark offers more security in that we handle dispute resolutions. You can view our Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • You can manage your entire advertising inventory from one location, and easily keep track of expiry dates, positions available, and pending amounts due.
  • Vadmark automates a lot of the administration for you. We contact advertisers regarding pending expirations and link renewal dates, and we handle all advertiser payments. All you have to do is place the link on your site and take it down if and when we instruct you to do so.

Can I buy and sell advertising using the same account?
Yes. Using the one Vadmark account you can buy advertising, sell advertising, and earn affiliate commissions.

What kind of links can I buy and sell?
Vadmark members can buy and sell text links as well as standard image (banner) links. These links are manually placed on each publisher's site to allow the advertisers to take full advantage of the Google PageRank benefits. Members who sell links can specify the image width and height, as well as choose the maximum text link title and description lengths.

What type of link quantities can be purchased?
Vadmark members can buy and sell link campaigns measured in time (months or weeks) or in visitor traffic (clicks and impressions). Apart from month and week based campaigns, publishers can choose the quantity to be sold. Example campaign packages include 1 month, 10,000 impressions and 100 clicks. Visitor traffic based campaigns refer to total traffic, not unique traffic.

What are the Vadmark fees and charges?
Publishers can list their campaigns for sale using standard or silver (featured) listings. Standard listings are free while silver listings cost $1.95 for 30 days. Link tracking costs $0.95 per transaction, and is paid by the publisher for click and impression based advertising. For month and week based advertising, link tracking is optional, and is paid by the advertiser. For all transactions the Vadmark fee is 25% of the advertiser's payment (excluding tracking fees). Each time the link is renewed, the Vadmark fee is 15% of the advertiser's payment.

Do you provide link tracking services?
Yes. All click and impression based advertising campaigns come with click and impression tracking. For week and month based campaigns link tracking is optional for a small additional fee. Many advertisers choose not to purchase link tracking because direct links provide the full Google PageRank benefits of the link placement.

How do I pay for links?
Members can add funds to their account using either their Paypal account or by using a credit card. All deposits are handled by Paypal and most payments will be updated in your account balance instantly.

As a publisher, when do I get paid?
When an advertiser purchases a link, the advertiser payment goes into your pending payments account. At the end of the campaign term, when the link is either terminated or renewed, the payment will then be deposited from your pending account into your available balance. This balance can be withdrawn from your Vadmark account and deposited into your Paypal account once the balance reaches $25.00.

What happens if there's a dispute between the publisher and advertiser?
In the event of a dispute a member of Vadmark support will determine the applicable advertiser refund and publisher payment. If one member has broken a Vadmark term or condition then the other member will typically receive a refund or payment. All dispute decisions made by Vadmark are final. See our terms and conditions for more details.