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Date Subject Contents
2007-04-24 Version 2 of Vadmark now online! The new, revamped version of Vadmark is now online. On top of a site face lift, Vadmark now offers additional shopping cart features and simpler link management tools.
2007-04-23 New Vadmark version Over the upcoming days Vadmark will be converted over to a completely new version of the site. The new version will provide additional shopping cart features and a site facelift. During the actual transition, the web site will be unavailable for a few hours.
2006-12-10 Additional browse feature A PageRank browse feature has been added to the Browse Campaigns page in the member section. Advertisers can now quickly browse through campaigns for sale by catagory or PageRank.
2006-11-28 Simplified search function The search feature of Vadmark has been simplified, with the default option being a simple category search. A link is provided on the search page back to the original advanced search function. This should make it easier for first time advertisers to view the campaigns for sale in the marketplace.
2006-10-03 Change to minimum price The minimum price that members can set for a link campaign has been dropped from $5.00 to $2.00. This enables publishers to sell campaigns in smaller units, as well as sell campaigns on lower traffic sites.
2006-10-03 New affiliate banner added A new 120x90 banner has been added to the affiliate banners section.
2006-09-27 New feature - direct link code Enable your advertisers to purchase ad space directly from your web site. Direct link code has been added to the referrals section which provides various text and banner links that redirect visitors to a page that displays your campaigns for sale. These links double as affiliate links so you can earn commissions on the activities of referred members.
2006-09-24 New affiliate banner added A new 80x40 banner has been added to the affiliate banners section.
2006-09-22 New referral banners added New 120x90 and 150x38 banners have been added to the affiliate banners section. Let us know if there are any other banner sizes you would like to see added.
2006-09-18 Vadmark is live! Vadmark is now live and available for publishers, advertisers and affiliates to join!
2006-08-20 Site development complete The Vadmark site is complete, and testing has commenced.
2005-07-07 Vadmark development commences Construction of the Vadmark network has commenced.